The best time to invest (for beginners and novice investors)

is today, when things are still very much "ok".And for the vast majority of people, at the very least, there is still a huge hurdle — to "believe" in themselves and their investment ideas.In this article, we will talk about how to start investing your money correctly (so that it grows and multiplies in the stock market).The best time to invest was 30 years ago, when virtually all financial services companies were still operating stations. The following information is taken from a report of the Committee on the fiscal affairs of the Russian Federation to the date of its report:1) "We the People" — this is the most powerful word in the English language.The phrase " for our country " it immediately conjures up images of soldiers marching through the dusty streets of cities, laughing maniacally at the camera. But the path to wealth is not always lined with laughter. To achieve financial well-being, you need to take action, not sit quietly in one place.2) Every person who wants to get rich should take an active role in the process of creating wealth.Yes, you heard right — you can become the owner of a large business, or a successful entrepreneur, or a truly rich person.All that matters to create capital over time and in various ways.3) to do this, you need to:explore various investment options,including (but not limited to) stocks;plan large-scale purchases of shares;invest regularly in various financial instruments;create a robust investment portfolio;invest your money profitably.4) to Do this, set yourself a goal:to gradually create an impressive amount of capital (the income from which will fully support you and your entire family);figure out how (where and from what source) you can earn a reasonable living);try to randomly come up with 10-20 interesting ideas for earning money;get together and try to launch a manufacturing or sales line of some kind;try to find a feasible part-time job in your spare time;try to find a feasible part-time job in the evenings or on weekends;start investing (by regularly buying currency, index funds, and other financial instruments).The best time to invest was 30 years ago, when the path to wealth looked like this:1) Get a 10% discount on any purchase (including the currency, jewelry, electronics, etc.).2) Sell all of what you have at the time of purchase (or, as they say now, "buy it back at a better price").3) make a good habit of saving 10-20% of each income earned (by regularly buying currency, index funds, and other financial instruments).4) use this money to replenish your "financial cushion" and make regular investments.Executive SUMMARY: